Rainbow Bridge

I have set up a Memorial Fund for our resident pets who have passed to Rainbow Bridge. I believe after they are cremated and their ashes brought back to their home at our shelter, I get to set them free to run and play for eternity.

I know some say “They are only a shelter animal,” but not in my eyes. I always say they are all my pets while in my care until they go to their forever home.

Renegade was homeless until he came to BMHS. This is his forever home and this is where he will stay forever and be remembered.

This is my own person belief. It makes me feel better by doing this, along with hanging a picture of them on our wall in honor of them being a part of our lives.

Every dog’s and cat’s life matters to me. Please click on our “Donate” button below and help us bring the homeless and abused animals back to our no kill shelter to stay forever.