Battle Mountain Humane Society   “A True No-Kill Rescue”

Donation Request for $1.00 to Help Save Our Rescue

(GoFundMe will only accept a Minimum of $5. You can Mai your dollar donation to us directly at BMHS 27254 Wind Cave Rd. Hot Springs, SD 57747) We will keep up updated on how muc we recieve here. Thank you

Please Accept this $1.00 Challenge and share with your friend and Family to Help Save Our No-Kill Rescue. This is to help us operate for 2018. We can make it happen with $1.00 at a time.

We have been with this great 501(c)3 non-profit organization for 6 years. We operate 100% on Donations Only! We are not affiliated with the United State Humane Society. (We are our own entity) We currently have 92 dogs (Adoption for dogs start at 75.00) and we have 77 cats. (Our Cats are $19.99 Donation) We have a total of only 3 Part Time employees & 1 Full Time to care for the facility. I am currently reaching out to you for your assistance to help keep our No Kill Shelter open, so we can continue to save the homeless, abused and abandoned animals in need of our care and find them Fur-Ever Homes.

Please Help   With Only $1.00                   

At this current time, we are in desperate need of funds to help us with our daily cost, plus funds for improvements the shelter desperately needs.  We have received bad news from one of our Huge Sponsors, that they are not able to help us for 2018.  We appreciate any amount of donation. I am hoping that just asking $1.00 donation we can all save the shelter for 2018.We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Charity, your donation is a tax deductable. IEN # is 205814735

***Operation Cost for Our No Kill Rescue Cost Us from a Min. $500 to $900 average a Day.***

                                            Our Mission

We rescue the homeless, abused and abandoned animals. We provide them a safe haven environment along with giving them the medical care they need (Including Spay & Neutering), then we find them Fur-Ever homes.

                                                About Us

We live in a tiny town in Hot Springs, SD and we are 1 hour away from Rapid City. In just the last two years we have rescued 878 Animals and we adopted out 912 Animals. We provide a great service for our Community. Our total for expenses were $571,754.36 for 2016 & 2017. We have fixed over 400 animals with spayed or Neutered in 2016 & 2017. The average dog when comes to our rescue can cost $250, the average cat cost $98, this includes all shots (Distemper & Kennel Cough), deworming, Front Line Plus, vet exam, spay or neutering and medication.

We are NOT FUNDED BY THE CITY OR OUR COUNTY, State, Government or any Humane Society!!! We run our No-Kill Facility 100% on YOUR DONATIONS ONLY We have been our own entity since 2006 “A True No-Kill Rescue.”                            

Please Consider Adopting or being a
Monthly Supportor with Us, Thank You.

     Connect with Us

 *Please visit our Facebook page and see the great work we do with the animals. Please read our reviews about us. We have a 4.9 rating out of 5 along with 260 reviews. We would be honored if you liked us on Facebook. 

*To Donate or Sponsor: Please visit our web page at:  www.BattleMountainHumaneSociety.Org
Or here on our GoFundMePage

*Mailing Address: BMHS 27254 Wind Cave Rd. Hot Springs, SD 57747


***Please check out our animals on Petfinder.Com & Our Facebook Page***

This is a great way for you and our shelter to come together to be a part of a great journey.

We are not able to do what we do without you. Thank You Very Much for Your Time.


Please see our 2018 Budget Speed Sheet on our website. Thank you